Monday, October 25, 2010

This Girl

When I was in 7th grade I met this girl that I liked. Well actually. I kinda met her in 5th grade. But I didn't really talk to her until 7th grade. anyways I was trying to get with her and shit but idk. I guess she didnt like me. Then I didnt talk to her until 9th grade, and we were cool still. Then our junior year she got caught with pot in her car. So she got expelled or something and I graduated and idk what she did with her life after that. But I guess she just got on facebook today or something because a few of my friends just added her, and I saw her profile picture.

Not too great. Looks like shes doing meth or something crazy like that. If she had been with me all we would've done is smoke some ganja, but apparently she's a crazy girl. I kind of smiled when I saw her picture. She's definitely gone downhill.


  1. well thats just how life is man!

  2. It makes me happy when I see old crushes go downhill. A crush I had in middle school ended up being a deadbeat teen makes me glad I was too fat and awkward for him back then