Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Losing Weight

It always gets on my nerves when people talk about which diet they should get on, or what gym they need to join to get fit.

I'm 6'0 120 lbs, and I've never really worked out much in my life. You want to know how to stay fit? WALK AROUND. It does wonders. my first week at my university I lost almost 10 lbs simply because I walked so much.

You can eat anything you want, I do, I bet I eat around 4-6k calories a day.

As for gaining muscle, I don't really know much about that haha.

Maybe I should make some guide that would help me get rich quick that says nothing but "WALK"

only $9.99 +s&h


  1. Dude walking works too. Best thing in the world to get is a pedometer. And then jsut make a competition out of it. Its like trying to get a new high score.

  2. i think it really comes down to metabolism and how you eat- walking on your toes sure helps alot as well. i eat 3-5 meals a day and snack all the time and have never past 120. i dont exercise or walk much but i think my metabolism is just super redonk. just convince yourself your always hungry- your body will actively digest everything

  3. You know, this post kinda pisses me off. I barely eat jack and I gain weight at the sight of a potato chip. I hope you don't end up like the Chodae Anorexis I just blogged about the other day! 8D ~~

  4. walking is really a good thing, i've lost almost 10kg by walking 1/2 hours a day for 2 months

  5. Really anything active works. I've never understood the 'diet' either, as I eat like a horse and can't gain a pound to save my life.

  6. Walking does do wonders, I shed a ton of lbs when I was walking a mile to work then a mile back way back when. I haven't gained any of it back even though I'm pretty much a couch potato now. Walking is awesome~